About our Clinic

We have an intensive care unit with a capacity of 14 beds all well equipped.


Welcome to Golden Life American Hospital

The mission of the hospital is to provide diagnosis, treatment,  and the supervision of patients, wounded, and the expecting women taking into account the psycho-social aspects of patient.

Our vision is to provide services with the highest standards according to the acquired data of the medical science;to provide continuing training and to contribute to the research.


  • To satisfy the human being by complying with the fundamental principles of ethics
  • To make team with health workers in the country
  • To satisfy patients and staffs

In accordance with the ethical principles we focus on the satisfaction of patients and staffs. With continuous training and modern technology, we can help health workers of Mali to improve the quality of the fulfillment of the medical obligation.


We Care About You

Biochemical Laboratory

  • Blood count (hemogram)
  • Complete biochemistry
  • Hormonal tests
  • Tests of tropical diseases

Hospitalization service

In our hospital, 42 single bed rooms each with washbasin and shower are available. Our rooms are about 120m2 to contain the companions, the visitors and the patient himself.

Microbiology Laboratory

  • Culture and susceptibility: culture of blood, urine and serum
  • The Eliza tests
  • Tests of tropical diseases
  • Tests of infectious diseases like HIV and VDRL.